Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Liz Earle brightening treatment mask - brightening my day!

Good evening!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter, and hopefully some time off work.
If, like me, you over indulged over the weekend on chocolate eggs, large dinners and wine, then this is just the post for you! The weekend played havoc with my skin, and so I wanted to share with you a product I have just started using to help revive my skin.

The product is by one of our favourite brands, Liz Earle, and is the brightening treatment mask.

This starter kit comes in a
 little wash bag and it retails for £14.25

The 50ml bottle comes with a muslin cloth
Now what really appeals to me about this treatment is the the fact that you only have to leave it on between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, so it is excellent if you are in a rush but still want to treat your skin.

The pump action bottle is another reason I like this product, much easier to use than squeezy bottles I have used in the past.

Pump action bottle, only two pumps needed!
The product boasts ingredients such as witch hazel, camphor oil and almond oil.
The consistency is clay based, however once on your skin it does not go hard like some clay masks I have used in the past.

The mask has a clay like consistency
I use two pumps of this product and massage on to my face, leave it for about 1 minute, and then wash off with the muslin cloth.

The first time I used it after a breakout of spots, I really noticed they had gone down the next day. It leaves my skin feeling clean and noticeably softer.

The blurb on the back of the bottle specifies that ' you will experience a slight tingling sensation'. I did feel a slight tingle, but I think this is what makes my face feel so clean!

It also advises that this product is not suitable for sensitive skin.

I was really impressed with this product, I will be using it once a week as part of my skin routine, and this handy 50ml bottle, and the fact that you only need to leave it on for such a short time, mean I will be packing it on my next holidays!

I would really like to try some more of Liz Earle's face masks now. Have you tried any others and what did you think of the results? Let us know by commenting or tweet us @beautyu

Stay beautiful!

Stace x


  1. Ooh looks lovely! I've still yet to try anything from Liz Earle but always hear so darn much about their hot cloth cleanser. xx

    1. It is a really nice mask. The Liz Earle C&P is a great cleanser, we reviewed a few years back
      it really melts your make up away!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Stace x

  2. This is one of the few Liz Earle products I haven't tried! I will get round to it one day though, it sounds great :)

    1. I thought you may have tried this product! It is really nice as a 'quick fix'. I am often quite nervous of masks that stay on for a long time as I get worried about breakouts, but this product is perfect for me and my skin, and when in a rush!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Stace x


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