Thursday, 28 October 2010

Reviewing hot cloth cleansers - starting with Liz Earle's C&P

Hot cloth cleansers - use it or lose it?

You probably know by now that the first step to a beautiful and radiant skin is cleansing. Some people may argue that it's weekly scrubbing or using nourishing/cleansing masks but before you nourish or remove the death skin cells from your face you need to prepare the surface. It's like painting a picture - before you start with a brush you need to prepare the canvas.

For a good few months now, I have been reviewing a number of hot cloth cleansers to find out which one is the best and which one just isn't! In the next few blogs I'll review different cleansers and share with you my verdict.

Liz Earle's, Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
No wonder this product is a multi-award winning solution for beautiful skin! The plant-based product cleanses and polishes in one. Its creamy and thick texture melts down any, even the most stubborn make-up (including waterproof mascara) and the ingredients including eucalyptus and cocoa butter leave the skin fresh, smooth and squeaky clean.
Whereas the pure muslim cloth gently polishes off the dead skin cells and help reveal clean and soft skin. Your skin looks instantly radiant and feels really smooth.

First time I've used the cleanser I kept touching my skin since couldn't believe the softness on my face; it felt baby-like - soft and plumped. Even my husband noticed the difference and was shortly convinced to use the product himself since it's fuss free and would go without using toners afterwards (even though I'd still recommend to use one, anyway).

The cleanser smells divine - fresh with a hint of eucalyptus oils, it creates the perfect cleansing routine for both women and men. Also, the formula stays the same for women and men, the only difference is in colour of the packaging.

The cleanser comes in a round bottle pumps with various sizes: 50ml, 100ml and 150ml (usually as limited edition) and tubes: 30ml and 200ml. The prices vary depending on the size - the average price for the 100ml is £11.50 so on a bit expensive side but affordable if you use one pump per use, since little goes a long way. One bottle usually lasts me six to seven weeks. My only pet peeve is using the pump when you can't tell you're running low on the product, a window or indicator would really help. Hence I like to use the tubes since when the product is running low I can still get at least a week's worth of it when cutting the tube open.

The information on the product states that it works on every age and skin type. However, I have a very sensitive skin and noticed that I can only use the muslim cloths once a day since the polishing may be too harsh for my skin. Therefore I'd be a bit cautious and watch any symptoms during the use. One can use the cleanser morning and night with pure muslin cloths but in my case I limited the use to evenings only and it works better for me that way.

The verdict
As for the verdict... well it's really easy for me to judge. I have already convinced a few of my friends to use this product, therefore I believe it delivers to the promise of clean, smooth and radiant skin. However, I'd give it an 8 out of 10 for the packaging and price; but 10/10 for the product inside! Overall I'd recommend this product since am very proud of what it delivers!

Remember that you all have different skin types and that products work differently on others so please, test and watch your skin to make sure that what you use is best suited for your skin type and your wallet, too. Stay beautiful!

Mags x

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