Saturday, 14 August 2010

She's got the look

She's got the look...
As my wedding day draws ever closer (7 weeks...argh!) I am constantly experimenting and trying out new looks, and it has been an education. Only last week I modelled for a photo shoot for our in house beauty expert Jess who was trying out a variety of wedding looks on various models. For more info on Jess and the products she provides go to

(Picture make up courtesy of Jess)

A quick summary of some of the things I took away from this session:

* Layering. It is so important to make sure your entire skin care routine allows for a great base for your make up, so really optimise that cleanse, tone and moisturise mantra.

* Powder. Never a fan of powder I had steered well clear until I realised I have to make my wedding day face up for the camera. And no powder results in shine. Not a good look. So after foundation, a light dusting of powder (Laura Mercier, Real Sand is a fave) will set the make up and rid the shine for the day.

* Less is more. I love bronzer. However, too much can leave one's face looking dirty. Start with a small amount on the parts of your face that would naturally catch the sun, cheek bones etc. You can always add to the colour, taking away is harder.

Watch this space for more quick tip bits of information as I continue my quest to find the perfect wedding day look. Wish me luck!

Slightly neurotic and crazy bride-to-be

Stace x

Bridesmaid Mags will be back soon with some sensible skin care posts!

14th August 2010

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