Friday, 27 August 2010

Body beautiful

Body Beautiful
I realised recently, that through all my blogging, I am guilty of neglecting to mention body products, and there are some great ones on the market I have discovered.

The brand I would like to talk about today is the great 'Soap and Glory'. The packaging puts a smile on my face every time, like something out of a 1940's housewives bathroom. And the smells are divine, as is the price tag! But how do these high street finds actually perform when put to the test?

In a bid to become body beautiful for my forthcoming wedding which is taking place abroad, I have been scrubbing my body within an inch of its life. And nothing has left me with such irresistibly smooth skin than 'Scrub em and leave em'. This huge pot lasts forever, and the £7 price tag is very attractive. Turn the shower off, scrub all over for sixty seconds and then wash off.

Next up is the 'Clean on Me' shower gel, a whopping great bit pump action bottle which lasts forever for only a fiver. This smells great and leaves my body silky and smooth all day long. Good job they do a travel size as this will definetly be coming away with me!

And last but not least is my fave the 'Glow lotion'. For only a fiver this is superb value, really shimmers and moisturises without leaving glitter residue all over my clothes. This will be making an appearance on my wedding day to give me that all important glow!

Soap and Glory is proof that beauty doesn't have to cost the earth, these affordable products not only make great gifts but really perform. Their website is also lots of fun and worth checking out. Products can be bought at most Boots stores.

So brave getting bare and Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

28th August 2010

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