Friday, 9 October 2009


Top Tips

Some of our top tips for skin care:

  • Always wash your face, morning and night (especially at night, even after long night out); do it twice after wearing make up – the first wash removes the make up when the second wash penetrates and cleanses the skin.

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise! It’s up to these three simple steps to keep your face clean and healthy. Once you get yourself in a nice routine, you’ll start seeing results in no time!
  • Exfoliate your skin, do it once weekly on average, (during summer you can exfoliate up to twice a week, when in winter months you can do it even once bi-weekly). Exfoliation makes your skin appear youthful and radiant.

  • Use your ring finger to apply moisturizers and/or concealers under the eye area. Muscles in that finger are not as strong as in other part of the hand and will help keep you from damaging that delicate under eye tissue. Also, always remember to pat, never rub!

  • Don’t touch your face with your hand during the day. This can cause breakouts from the dirt/oil that collects on your hands throughout the day.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink lots of water, this helps your body to eliminate impurities and make you skin look plumper and healthier.
  • Change your pillowcase every two days (use one side one day, and the other the next). It reduces the amount of time you sleep in your own face dirt/oil (we do sweat during the night!). It may be a bit of an overkill to do it so often; however, if you suffer with acne or skin breakouts, this is an easy way to keep your face clean even during a night!
  • Sleep is the best beauty therapy! No wonder every fashion and beauty guru talk about ‘beauty sleep’. Eight to nine hours of sleep would be great, especially if a first few of them were before midnight! If you can’t spend so much time in bed, try to sleep as much as you can! You will feel rested and more energetic, but also will look better!

These are just a few beauty tips for now! Read that, apply to your daily routine and stay beautiful!