Sunday, 13 February 2011

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

It seems only appropriate to write my Valentines blog as a homage to one of my favourite bits of my make up kit, - lip gloss/balm.
For me, adding something moisturising with a slight colour to it to my lips can lift even the dullest day. And with all that kissing on Valentines, it's time to make those lips work for us! So here are 3 of the best.
Lancome Juicy tubes
I cannot possibly write this feature without nodding to probably the most famous brand of lip gloss. I have always been a fan of these lip glosses, the colours are subtle and stay on through meals and drinking, not leaving big lip marks on the side of wine glasses. They taste incredibly amazing, and there is such a large range. One small tube can last a long time, and the range of colours can add a real seductive look to your lips. No girls handbag should be without one.
Liz Earle sheer pink lip shimmer
This is a new one we have been trying this week at Beautiful You. Very subtle, and extremely moisturising. I am not overly keen on the little pots that you have to put your finger into, but that said, a little goes a long way and I think this pot will last me a long time. The shimmer is great for warm summer nights when you are going for a 'barely there' make up look, and I will be saving this for summer holidays. Not quite enough colour and shimmer for the winter nights though.
No7 Liplicious
These are my all time favourite lip glosses. A tube lasts so long, they taste great, the colours are brilliant with a lovely shimmer, marshmallow is my personal favourite. They also stay on for a long time and create completely kissable lips, perfect for Valentines day! My only criticism is there isn't a wide range of colours available.
Have a beautiful Valentines day!
Mags will be back soon with the lowdown about Bare Escentuals. Does this brand live up to the hype? Find out soon!

Stace x

13th February 2011

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